Jimin Lee is a vocalist, composer, and educator based in Seoul, South Korea.

Jimin graduated from University of North Texas with a MM in Jazz Studies (Vocal Performance) in 2013. She actively played in Dallas/Ft. Worth area while working as a Teaching Assistant at UNT. She collaborated with many musicians and released several records including a duo project with guitarist Ronan Delisle, Somewhere Safe (2014). 

Since returning to Seoul, Jimin has released her first solo album Lasting Fragments (2014) with her colleagues in Texas and an EP Circles to Nil (2015) with the ones in Seoul. Both records are self-produced original music based on jazz and other modern music influences. Her latest solo album Strange Flower (2019) comprises 10 tracks of original music with words by Yi Sang, an avant-garde poet of Korean modern literature. 

Jimin has been playing her music mainly with her group Jimin Lee Quartet featuring Eunyoung Kim on piano, Seungho Jang on bass, and Junyoung Song on drums. She’s also singing standard jazz repertoire with some of the finest jazz musicians in Seoul and making a wide spectrum of music for albums and concerts.



  • 노스텍사스대학교 재즈학과 석사 University of North Texas - Jazz Studies MM (Jazz Voice) 

  • 서울대학교 인문대학 불어불문학과 학사


  • EP ‘the home remedy’ (2022)

  • 정규앨범 ‘이상한 꽃’ (2019)

  • EP ‘Circles to Nil’ (2015)

  • 정규앨범 ‘Lasting Fragments: 지속되는 조각들’ (2014) 

  • 듀오앨범 ‘Somewhere Safe’ (2014) 

  • 외 피쳐링 다수 (2009-) 

  • 2021 EBS 스페이스 공감 <미드나잇 재즈> 출연

  • 2018 EBS 스페이스 공감 특별기획 <한국 재즈의 오늘> ‘한 번 간 길은 다시 가지 않는다' 

  • 34회 다운비트매거진 학생음악어워드, 보컬재즈 우수솔로이스트 - 대학원 부문 The 34th Annual Student Music Awards of DownBeat Magazine, Vocal Jazz Soloist - Graduate College Outstanding Performance

  • 클럽에반스, 올댓재즈, 천년동안도, 디바야누스 등 재즈클럽 연주활동, 김해재즈콘서트, 진주재즈콘서트, 창원삼색재즈콘서트 등 출연

  • Kessler Theater, Scat Jazz Lounge, Dallas Museum of Arts(Dallas, TX), SXSW(Austin, TX) 

  • 현 동아방송예술대학교, 성신여자대학교, 백석예술대학교, 추계예술대학원 출강 

  • 주하이국제재즈캠프 Zhuhai International Jazz Camp (Guangdong, China) - Faculty

  • 리치랜드컬리지 Richland College (Dallas, TX, US) - Adjunct Faculty 

  • 노스텍사스대학교 University of North Texas Jazz Studies - Teaching Fellow